In this interview, we sat down with Reverend Dr. Jerry Campbell in front of a live studio audience where we discussed the inception of Claremont Lincoln University and how this "outlandish idea" became a reality.

“It’s going to be a lot of work, but you have to ask yourself, what will make that work worth it?” – Dr. Jerry Campbell

Dr. Jerry Campbell unpacks the purpose of the Claremont Core and how he, along with David Lincoln and others, believed that taking an innovative approach to offer education could potentially change how we could address global problems and issues.

"One of the ways to change the world is by doing something different." – Dr. Jerry Campbell

He also discussed how he believed in an institution that focuses on positive social change, mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between people. We hit on topics about the “Golden Rule”, why is it important, why should we all apply it to our lives, and how will it change the world.

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